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eEAR Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier, BTE (Behind the Ear), eEar BTE-205

art No: eEar BTE-205

eEar BTE-205 is a Manually Controlled Digital Hearing Aid with Dual-core and Low Power Consumption. It is designed to offer the customers a balance of performance and power. With 16 Frequency Bands for Fine Adjustment & Intelligent Noise Reduction in all Frequencies,  this amplifier is an excellent choice for clear & loud hearing.

It features easy volume controls buttons that can be operated even by beginners. Its BTE specialty and small size make it less visible to see & very comfortable to wear.


  • Light Weight

  • Works in either ear

  • Power-on Indicator

  • Low-power Indicator

  • Direct Audio Input

  • Power-on Delay

  • 4-Channel WDRC

  • 4 programs

  • Dynamic Feedback Compression system(DFC)

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