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eEAR Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier, CIC (Complete in Canal), eEar CIC-T25

Part No: eEar CIC-T25
eEar CIC hearing amplifier has 6 Programmable Channels & 12 Programmable Bands which means it allows you to hear the shallow sounds better than ever. Not only do these help you hear louder, but our 12dB Noise Reduction makes the sound even more clear. Thus providing you the best hearing experience.

These CIC amplifiers are designed to completely fit in your ears and making them nearly invisible to see.


  • Digital Chip

  • Pre-programmed Type

  • Low-power Indicator

  • Intelligent Volume Learning

  • Sleep Mode

  • Program/Volume Recording

  • Maximum Output Control

  • 5 Levels Feedback Cancellation

  • 3 Levels Sudden Impulsive Noise Management

  • Push Button and VC Available

  • Automatic Feedback Compression DFS System

  • Trimmer VC(Three in One Button Optional)

  • Intermediate Wind Noise Suppression

  • Program Switch Beep

  • Secondary Loud Sound Block

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