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eEAR Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier, RIC (Receiver in Canal), eEar RIC-Y6

Part No: eEar RIC-Y6
eEar RIC-Y6 hearing amplifier is specifically designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss and comes with up to 4 programs. It is equipped with the DDRC system that gives more compression to loud sound in dynamic range and a Digital DSP chip with intelligent noise reduction. Thus helping you to hear loud and clear.

Artistically designed for an instant fit, our hearing amplifier is small in size and is very easy to wear. 

Small in size, artistic and invisible.

  • It comes with a 10A battery.

  • Intelligent feedback processing system.

  • Full frequency keeps hearing comfortably and clearly, with no whistle and noise.

  • Big button is easy to operate.

  • Intelligent volume and program recording system.

  • Acoustic feedback cancellation.

  • Instant fit type, easy to wear, and efficient matching.

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